The several types of manufactoring that we’re able to perform on the materials allow us to make a wide variety of products to fully satisfy the needs of our clients


The die cutting is a particular cutting procedure that is performed with a special blade with a cutting profile (cutting die), shaped according to the profile to be made.


Our new generation automatic die cutters allow to create large series, thanks to their speed of production, optimizing production times and the use of the raw material, through the nesting system.


Thanks to particular eccentric presses, specially designed for the production of standard and customized size washers, we are able to supply small and large series, made with a wide range of materials, to meet the different technical needs of the customer.


This is a type of processing that allows to create adhesive shaped seals, on a continuous roll, with the advantage of simplifying the detachment of the particular during assembly.


The continous cutting system is a blade cutting system that doesn’t require a cutting die.

The oscillating blade cutting head with pneumatic drive is a tool suitable for cutting, both soft and medium hard materials, both compact and expanded. Its versatility is ideal to meet the needs of a wide range of processes and to guarantee the possibility of cut, drill and punch a wide variety of materials, satisfying changeable requests of customers, for prototyping, for small and large series.


The process of adhesive bonding of the material takes place through a calender designed to bond flexible, compact or expanded materials with different types of adhesive.

Our calender is equipped with a roller put outside from the machine with a longitudinal razor cutting system and can work in Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Roll and Sheet-to-Sheet mode.


With its products, the Guarniturificio Brunero covers all the needs of the various industrial sectors, such as the engineering, appliances, plumbing, railway and automotive sectors.

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