Making seals for plumbing and tap in general

THE ‘50s

The Guarniturificio Brunero began its activity in the ‘50s. Thanks to the founder Epifania Severino, manufactoring seals for plumbing and tap and it’s in the ‘60s, with the explosion of the washing machine market, which begins to grow.

THE ‘70s

Guarniturificio Brunero specializes in the ’70s in the processing of rubber and expands to fulfill the new emerging markets, in particular the automotive one, and it is thanks to the quality of its products that it becomes a point of reference in the sector, providing many important industrial and automotive realities.
The commercial evolution of company entails the increasing of the production capacity, improving, and reorganizing processes, purchasing high-tech machinery, increasing therefore product quality and reducing production times.

THE 2000s

In 1997 the company moved from Turin to Druento in a large factory of over 1500 sq.m., where the new concept of the Guarniturificio Brunero will develop.
In 2003 with the exponential increase in quality standards and with the significant investment in the quality management system, the company was certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, standard (today UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and in 2019 it obtains, with satisfaction, the certification according to the IATF 16949:2016 standard.


The activity divided into sectors: commercial, administrative, purchasing, quality, logistics and production departments is managed directly by the property which has now reached its third generation, making use of a young, dynamic and attentive staff careful to the customer’s needs.


Sense of responsibility
And careful look to the future.

Adopting effective and, at the same time, virtuous behaviors in our daily lives has allowed our company to build over time a social respectability capable of making the bond with our customers stronger. Each of our interlocutors represents a world of its own, for the uniqueness identifiable in its own needs, in its own thoughts in its own, more or less, expressed expectations and each employee of the Guarniturificio Brunero knows well how demanding, and therefore rewarding, to perform at its best , producing concrete results that first of all satisfy the customer and guarantee our company a growing bond of trust and loyalty with its own network, an essential foundation for continuing our production and commercial mission.

In a context in which the economic and social balances are subjected to quickly changes, destabilizing the reference parameters swiftly, it’s necessary to impose a path towards change, we of the Guarniturificio Brunero have chosen to face it firmly and incisively, synthetiz the sense of responsibility in the approach to daily activity and strategic choices with a careful look to the future, but taking advantage of the experiences and long journey of our past.

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